Mykonos ‘18

this is the view of “little Venice” in Mykonos, & let’s just say this photo does not do this place justice.

the view from our room in our Airbnb was a dream. Although our time in Mykonos it was extremely windy so each night we were hearing so much commotion outside from the window shutters and other things outside.. but other than that no complaints.on vacation we tend to have more time on our hands than usual.. so with that being the case I took my time to try a different turban style… and I have to say I loved the way it turned out. beach was was so much fun… although there wasn’t swimming involved considering the fraction that the wind had made the 75 degrees Fahrenheit feel much cooler… so instead we enjoyed lounging and eating some pizza + coffee. Yes, it was a pretty good combination .this was our last day of exploring Mykonos and man the last day wasn’t long enough. We spent the majority of the day cruising on our rented ATV that technically you should have an international drivers license for although we did not. We were lucky that our Airbnb host was able to direct us to someone who would let us rent one without the international license…. shh!! The ATV made our stay much easier to get around.

Overall Mykonos did not disappoint. This was my husband and I’s second time to Greece and let me just say InshAllah not our last. Next time we hope to go closer to July-August rather than October.


Justin Timberlake #VerizonUp

So this past weekend I got an amazing opportunity to go the JT concert with an exclusive VIP VerizonUp experience! It was awesome to say the least.. the majority of the time JT was performing I was thinking to myself “is this real life?!”. Anyway, the opportunity to have the same experience is available to ALL Verizon members who sign up for their #VerizonUp rewards system!

Below are photos of my look for the show & some of my favorite clips of the show 🖤🎶


overalls- Forever 21/ shoes- Zara/ shades- RayBan



dress- Forever 21/ long sleeve bodysuit- Forever 21/ shoes- Target/ belt- Forever 21


Black top- Forever 21/ denim jacket- Target (who what wear)/ jeans- H&M/ shoes- Target/ sunglasses- Forever 21


sweatshirt- Urban Outfitters/ jeans- Zara/ denim jacket- Forever 21 (its Men’s & my husbands) shoes- Vans

–SANTORINI was a dream, & these pictures don’t do this place justice. Heart eyes ALL day I tell you.