Euro adventure: Turin, Italy

Day 1- 


top- H&M/ pants- H&M/ jacket- Forever 21/ shoes- River Island/ scarf- H&M/ bag- Marc by Marc Jacobs

     The Juventus game was most definitely my favorite part of Turin, so much energy and passion for the sport throughout the stadium and I loved it!  

  Day 2- 
  Prada. #YESPLEASE  

dress- Zara/ bag- Urban Outfitters/ sweater- Forever 21/ socks & shoes- TopShop


Day 3- 

  All the building were this pretty.  
  I promise we did not plan on matching..   

top- Zara/ cords- Urban Outfitters/ scarf- Forever 21/ shoes- Forever 21/ bag- H&M

  Photos from an Egyptian museum we went to.
Day 4-

  We ate pasteries for lunch 3 days in a row.. And their were no complaints.  
  I always thought Adidas was cool but in Europe it’s like really cool.   
  The last time we got gelato on our trip– I should mention I had it twice a day.  

T-shirt/ Urban Outfiters/ jeans- Zara/ jacket- Forever 21/ boots- Zara/ bag- New look

  I asked for shrimp with noodles and this is what I got.. (the bottom plate)

Overall, lovely city and wouldn’t mind going back to visit. And since being home I have been having gelato withdrawals.

Euro adventure: Paris 

Night 1- (we got to Paris at 6PM soo first we did was go see this beauty in the dark)

Day 1- 

Sam squared forever ❤ 

Locks on Locks… So much love.    

Sweater- Forever 21/ winter scarf- Forever 21/ faux leather pants- Forever 21/ jacket- Forever 21/ boots- Zara/ bag- Urban Outfitters

 Day 2- 


sweater- Forever 21/ jacket- Forever 21/ jeans- H&M/ shoes- River Island

 Day 3-

  Pastries that taste like heaven. 



t-shirt- Urban Outfitters/ pants- Adidas/ shoes- Lacoste/ both jackets- Forever 21

Overall, Paris was beautiful and the shopping was so on point! There was so much charter everywhere we went and lots of pretty structures. I would love to visit again… Just need to learn a little bit of French before I do. Lol. 


Euro Adventure: London 

day 1- 

[top- inside the London eye// bottom- view from the London eye]


jacket- Forever 21/ scarf- Urban Outfitters/ cream basic tee- Urban Outfitters/ faux leather pants- H&M/ shoes- Forever 21

day 2-


[top-Abbey Road Studios// below- Sami walking the Abbey Road]

  [UO in Camden, London– so cool!]  
  … Fish and chips!   


Sweater- Forever 21/ jacket- Forever 21/ jeans- Urban Outfitters/ Nikes- Urban Outfitters/ scarf- Target  
 [Sami did not find espresso he loved until we got to Italy]

    Nobu was so yummy! 

Sweater- Forever 21/ jacket- Forever 21/ faux leather pants- Forever 21/ shoes- TopShop

—Overall, we loved London and how diverse it is! I thought it was so cool seeing hijabis working everywhere we went. The fashion/ shopping in London was another thing that really made me happy, there was so much style just walking through the streets! The only complaint we had was how hard it was to find some yummy food. We were told Indian food is really good in London but I am not a fan of Indian food so we never had any… So maybe that was our bad..? But we did go to Chinatown and got some good Chinese food and the last night we went to Nobu for Sushi which was kinda pricey but totally worth it 😉